Chase graduated in May 2015 in a class of 5 seniors. He earned 37 college hours, and graduated Valedictorian of his class.  Combined, all five seniors earned over 90 college hours. All were accepted into the colleges of their choice and were awarded over $100K in scholarships.

2015:The 1st Graduating Class

This is our 14th School year, and we are the only Early Collegiate Private Christian School in Lubbock, Texas. We specialize in college prep education for any student in grades PreK-12th Grade.

We have a proven success record for students with diagnosed learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD, who have above average learning capabilities.

We are, however, NOT a "Special Education" school. We do not modify any assignments, nor do we have intellectual disability, autism, behavior, conduct or emotional disturbance programs available on our campus. Our campus methodology and teachers are trained in collegiate academic education for students at or above academic ability in the classroom.

How did this school come about in this West Texas city?

The journey began in 2008, when founder and Head of School, Lisa Stane, was told that her son would never read, never be on grade level, and was “unteachable”. Her son, Chase Stane, was highly intelligent, and is diagnosed as Twice Exceptional Gifted & Talented, Dyslexic and Dysgraphic. Many hours and dollars were spent to find a better answer for educating this extraordinary kid. 

Spring 2009, Lisa Stane, visited the campus of Shelton School in Dallas, TX, and drove home planning to open a school like Shelton.

Sharp Academy began in the Fall of 2009. Chase was in the 7th Grade.

This education methodology, designed to "meet kids where they are" in the classroom, continued through his senior year and prepared him for college.  Chase became an A & B student and performed above grade level through one-on-one teaching provided by Sharp's excellent educators. 

Sharp Academy has now had 39 graduates, through 2022. Together they earned over 470 college hours while still in high school, with 76% of these graduates still in college today, or have completed their bachelor's degree.

So much for unteachable, at Sharp, students are overcoming obstacles and excelling academically.  Thriving in collegiate education, becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Praise God!


"My son was totally crushed by the pressure of school and not being "like the other kids". Since coming to Sharp Academy, he is READING, and says, "Mom, I am just like everybody else!"


"No more crying all the way to school and staying up to bedtime doing homework. Sharp Academy has given my daughter her smile back, and she LOVES going to school. I wish we would have moved her sooner! Her test scores are excellent. She actually can tell me what she is learning in class."


"We had given up on our son attending college. With the help of Sharp Academy, he now has 12 college hours and plans to get his degree.  It is a miracle!"


A School Born from Passion and Necessity


In 2009, the first class of kids wished to tell the world that they were not dumb just because they were dyslexic; but they ARE SHARP, and Chase had a friendship with Texas Tech University legend, Coach Marsha Sharp. The kids voted to name their school in honor of Coach Sharp, and to make the statement that they ARE SHARP!


Marsha Sharp has dedicated her time, wisdom and love of education to many organizations in West Texas since retiring fromTexas Tech University.  She serves on the Advisory Board of our organization since 2009 as our Chairman, assisting with mentoring, fundraising, building relationships and public awareness. It is a great honor to have Coach Sharp continue to help us as our goodwill ambassador in the community!


She stepped down as the Lady Raiders’ coach in 2005, after amassing a 557-175 career record. Winning the 1993 national championship and earning herself seven Southwest Conference and Big 12 Coach of the Year Awards along the way.  We are blessed to have this iconic pioneer of women’s sports to advocate for education in our great city of Lubbock.

School Named to Honor Coach Marsha Sharp


SHARP ACADEMY is a collegiate preparatory school committed to preparing bright students who learn differently to reach their God-given potential for college and for life! We embrace creativity in learning through academics, sports, fine arts, and expanded sociability!


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