Attendance Guidelines


DAILY CLASS ATTENDANCE: Students must attend 90% of the school year in order to be promoted to the next higher grade.

  • Students are allowed eight absences total per semester. 
  • Parents are asked to call or email the office if students will be absent.
  • The ninth absence and those following will be unexcused. 
  • All unexcused absences result in a grade of Zero for all classes, and 3 points deducted from their citizenship grade per day.
  • Students are required to attend detention two hours for each unexcused absence, Saturday School, held the last Saturday of each 9 weeks. Cost is $10 per hour. Students receive 50% of their daily grades back after detention is complete.

Texas State Law requires students to attend school. Students accumulating 3 total unexcused absences OR 10 consecutive absences within a semester, will be subject to Texas State Law penalties, which state:

You, as the parent or guardian, may be taken to court for “Parent Contributing to Non-attendance” under Texas Education Code 25.093. Your child may also be taken to court for “Failure to Attend School” under Texas Education Code 25.094. Both offenses are punishable by a fine up to $500 per complainant. Each day your child remains out of school may constitute a separate offense.


TARDINESS: Students can have a combined total of four tardies for 1st period.  Students have a 5 minute grace period in the mornings. Students leaving campus for lunch will also be counted tardy for returning 5 minutes past class starting.

  • The fifth tardy each 6 weeks will result in attendance to Saturday School and a grade of ZERO for that class for each tardy.
    • One to two unexcused tardies = 1 hour Detention $10                 Earn grade credit back to a 75
    • Three to four unexcused tardies = 2 hour Detention School $20      Earn grade credit back to a 65
    • Five or more unexcused tardies = 3 hours Detention School $30      Earn grade credit back to a 50.
  • Parents and students are asked to text, email or call if they are late in the morning.


The detention make-up time for the unexcused tardies and absences will be recorded on the student’s report cards, but do not replace the record of the days missed. 

MAKE UP ASSIGNMENTS: Students missing one day will make up work in class the following day. Students missing two or more concurrent days are required to complete the make-up assignments at home.  It is the parent’s responsibility to pick up text books and assignment forms in the office.  Parents are responsible for the student’s completion and return of the make-up assignments to the school. Make-up work not completed by the assigned deadline will receive a grade of zero, affecting the overall average for the 9 weeks.


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