The 2023 Casino Night Netted $28,000! 


Jackpot $250

          Parkhill                                                Parent of 5th Grader Ryan Williams

          Clean Energy Services                      Parent of 2nd Grader Wyatt Lockhart

          Sandstorm Construction LLC           Easton McCune, Son of Educator Jan McCune

          Sage Lyndsey Howell                         Parent of 5th Gd. Carson & Carter Howell

          Untangled Taylr Pearce                      Daughter of Educator, Kris Stecklein

          CARE TECH Mechanical Services     Friend of 8th Grader Isaiah Kopp

Wild Card $500

          South Plains Coop                             Grandparent of 8th Grader JJ Martinez

          Alliance Insurance & Assoc.             Parent of 9th Grader Journie Cypert

          D&D Construction                              Parent of 9th Grader Journie Cypert

          Paint Doctor                                        Parent of 12th Makenzie & 10th Maddox Lozano

          City Bank                                            Parents of 7th Preston Tilson & 9th Landon Hougland

          Prosperity Bank                                 Friend & Supporter of Sharp Academy

          Western Bank                                     Bank of Educator Jan McCune

          Native Spirit LLC                               Grandparents of 2nd Grader Malachi Merchant

          Ernie & Lisa Stane                             Parents of Alumnus Chase Stane

                                                                       & GP 2nd Juniper Stane

Full House $1000

          Ramsower's Furniture                      Grandparent of 7th Grader Isaiah Kopp

          Community National Bank               Bank of parents Bo Kerr & Jaime Greer

          Paint Doctor                                       Friends of 10th Maddox & Senior Makenzie Lozano

          Caylene Caddell                                 Friend & Supporter of Sharp Academy

          Texas Trailer Corral                           Parents of 10th Grader Brenden Kerr

High Roller $2500

          Michael & Christine Seger               Grandparent of Senior Journey Gravatt

Royal Flush $5,000

          Joe & Vivian Rushton                      Parents of Kinder, Noah Rushton

Diamond $10,000

          Anonymous Donor



Each year our fundraiser, Casino Night, provides funding for our community services such as COURSE RECOVERY, DYSLEXIA INTERVENTION, SUMMER PROGRAMS, DIAGNOSTIC TESTING, and PARENT INFORMATION!   

We help any parent or student that lives and deals with learning differences such as dyslexia! We need SPONSORSHIPS and PRIZES DONATED

Please call 806.747.4277 or email for more information.                                                     

What to Expect

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