Making a Difference One Student at a Time

The story of this organization began in a local veterinarian’s clinic with a friendship between an outgoing, dyslexic young man and an iconic women’s college basketball coach. 

Dr. John C. Key’s grandson, Chase Stane, needed ongoing educational support to succeed in school and to prepare for college.

 Marsha Sharp wanted to do everything she could to “…make it happen, man!”

The journey began in 2007, when Chase Stane and Alex Weatherly were  told they would never read, never be on grade level, and were even told they were “unteachable”. Their mom's Lisa Stane and Tracy Weatherly visited the campus of Shelton  Schools and Winston  Schools in Dallas, TX, and drove home planning to open a school like Shelton.

Sharp Academy  began in the Fall of 2009. Chase and Alex were in the 7th Grade.

Now the education, designed to "meet these kids where they are" in the classroom, has continued through High School and has prepared them for college.  These kids became A & B students performing above grade level through one-on-one teaching provided by Sharp's excellent educators. 

Chase and Alex graduated in May 2015 with over 40 combined college credit hours, with 3 other seniors in their class. Together all five students earned over 90 college hours. All 5 were accepted into colleges and were awarded over $100K in scholarships.

They are both attending college at Wayland Baptist University.

Chase, graduated Valedictorian of his class and is majoring in Justice Administration.

Alex, graduated Salutatorian and is majoring in Exercise Sports Science.


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